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We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you are looking for a fulfilling career in the steel industry then feel free to send us an application and we will be in touch. Even if we aren't hiring at the moment we keep all applications on file.

Welders – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Welders. Job Summary: Perform many different kinds of welding and cutting using gas and electric welding equipment to fabricate steel with minimum supervision.    

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Fitters – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Fitters. Job Summary: Fabricating steel parts by reading blue prints and building to specifications using hand held tools, power tools, and track type oxy-fuel cutting apparatus.    

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Shop labourer – Colanu, DB

We are not currently looking to fill this position, however we are always accepting applications. Job Summary: Helping other shop employees and welders, anything from moving material around to helping a coworker with a project too large for one person to handle.    

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Industrial Painter – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Painters. Job Summary: Clean and prepare surfaces using chemical rinse, prepare paints, use a variety of techniques and tools, spray equipment, stencils, rollers or brushes, clean up and maintain their painting equipment.    

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Industrial Blaster – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Blasters. Job Summary: Clean and prepare surfaces to abrasive blasting standards, blast a variety of products following procedures, assist painter in handling and preparation for painting.    

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Design Engineer – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Design Engineer. Job Summary: Design, develop and implement shop drawings using Solidworks, Inventor or Autocad, assist with the research, design, and implementation of projects, research and analyze design proposals, specifications and regulations, interact with engineering team to assess compliance with project specifications, create bill of materials, technical part drawings and user instructions, work with production team throughout the manufacturing process.    

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Project Manager/Sales representative – Colanu, DB

We are looking for experienced Project manager/Sales representative. Job Summary: Developing and initiating a customer call plan that assures effective contact with established customer decision makers in procurement, product development and operations, prospecting for and develop new customers based on leads provided by management or obtained through personal initiative, providing a rapid and effective response to all customer requests, either for product data, pricing or collaborative work with company's production and/or technical personnel, developing an effective working relationship with others within the company to assure that assigned customers and new prospects receive the full measure of what our company has to offer.    

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