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Despa SRL is a company based in Colanu, DB, Romania. Founded in 2007, Despa has expanded its initial oilfield service business into a full-service metal fabrication and repair shop.

For more than a decade we have catered to the needs of the oil and gas industry, providing customized solutions to many leading industry players. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering top quality solutions. With our skilled craftsmanship and years of expertise, Despa has the means to get you exactly what you need and when you need it. We are dedicated to creating long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliable service and dependable products.

From design to delivery, we can plan, prototype and manufacture your product, even if it is still just an idea in your head or a sketch on a piece of paper.

Our history

Some of our milestones


The year of 2007 saw the 150th anniversary of the Romanian oil industry. The history of Despa starts that very year with an entrepreneurial wish to build a succesful business around offering customized solutions to a long-standing upstream petroleum sector. Using design and engineering as the core business strategy Despa's expertise extendes to drilling and workover equipment conceptualization, execution, modification, maintenance and repair.


The company grows as more team members are recruited (most of whom are still with the company today). The business becomes family-managed and things take off quickly. Despa completes the first on-site rig overhaul abroad. Whether starting from scratch or working on existing designs, new products are added to the range, including innovative solutions for which patent applications are filed. As more space is needed, to keep up with demand, the company relocates to new offices.


Despa first became ISO 9001 certified in 2010 but quality has been our key focus since the beginning. The company is commited to delivering products and services that consistently meet customers' expectations and create a positive customer experience from initial enquiry through to timely delivery and after-sales support. Management as well as employees share responsibility for performance and quality improvement.


Despa renews its ISO 9001 certification and further secures ISO 14001 EMS certification to highlight our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable company focused on minimising our impact on the environment, based on legal compliance requirements aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, better managing waste, and employing energy efficiency measures in our efforts to preserve our environment for future generations.


With growing demand, came expansion and after years of working from a small property, Despa is excited to move into its brand new 1,500 sq ft purpose-built administrative office and newly constructed 5,000 sq ft industrial facility. Within 4 years the company nearly doubles its production space with another large extension. As new capabilities are added the company begins to take on more steel fabrication work.


Despa celebrates its 10th anniversary. The mission today is exactly the same as it was in 2007: to provide innovative products, while offering excellent customer service, being a reliable partner, mindful of the environment and providing a place where our employees can learn and grow. To mark the ocassion, Despa lauches new development project to further enhance our capabilities.


As Despa takes on one exciting project after another, the existing working space proves too small to accommodate the various jobs being carried out. Adding to its capabilities, a new 4,000 sq. ft. facility is built for blasting and painting projects of various shapes and sizes.

2020 and beyond

We will continue to expand at a steady pace without losing sight of our core values: putting people first, acting with integrity, striving for excellence and continuous improvement, and embracing change

Key services

What we do

At Despa we pride ourselves on our adaptability and versatility. It is the level of service, workmanship, and reliability that sets us apart from our competition. We believe in pushing the envelope and our capabilities are not limited to what we have done in the past.

We are always looking for ways to grow and improve!

  • Parts and Machine Design Consultations
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Metal Product Prototyping
  • Obsolete parts remanufacture
  • Custom Fabrication and Custom Manufacturing
  • Welding Services
  • Abrasive Blasting and Painting
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Capabilities

    Shop resources

    From the initial planning stages to completion, our team can finish almost any production or repair job, right here at Despa.

    With product design, machining, fabrication, assembly and finishing services on the same property and an accumulated network of trusted resources, you can be sure that your project will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

    Fabrication and Machining Equipment List

    • Welders
      • 150A
      • 180A
      • 200A Tig
      • 330A Wire
      • 500A Wire
      • 550A Wire
    • Grinders
      • Belt
      • Surface 200 x 600 x 500
    • Drills
      • Upright #1 MT
      • Upright #4 MT
      • Upright #5 MT
      • Radial #5 MT
      • Magnetic Drill Portable
    • Polishers
      • Two Spindle(2)
    • Presses
      • 160 Ton
      • 30 Ton, 50 Ton, 100 Ton jacks lifts
    • Mills and Lathes
      • Mill Travels:
        • Up to x-860 x y-500 x z-300
        • Up to x-920 x y-470 x w-320
        • Up to x-1000 x y-340 x z-450
      • Lathe Turning:
        • Up to 730 x 2000
    • Saws
      • Horizontal 180 x 300
      • Cold 130MM diameter
    • Cutters
      • Plasma 20MM Thick
      • Flame 100MM Thick
    • Furnaces
      • Heat treating
        • 350 x 500 x 150
        • 210 x 320 x 150
      • Drying
        • 500 x 500 x 500
    • Inspection
      • Leeb Hardness Tester
      • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - Up to 200MM
      • Magnetic Yoke Portable - 0-305MM Leg span
      • Magnetic Flaw Detector
      • Hydraulic Test Unit
      • Zeiss Site Survey Theodolite
    • Hoists
      • 12,5 Ton capacity
      • 8 Ton capacity
    • Delivery Trucks
      • (1) – 3,5 Ton Flat Bed
  • and more..
  • Sandblasting and Painting Equipment List

    • Sandblasting enclosure
      • 8000 X 3000 X 4000
    • Blast pots
      • 200 liter
      • 105 liter portable with suction
    • Paint booth
      • 6900 X 3900 X 2650
    • Paint sprayers
      • Air
      • Airless
      • Electrostatic

    Certifications List

    • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015
      • Scope: Design and supply of oil and gas well drilling and work over rig equipment. Metal works. Fabrication and repair of oilfield equipment components.
    • Key personnel certifications
      • Certified Welders to ISO 9606-1
      • Qualified European / International Welding Engineer (EWE/IWE)
      • Qualified European / International Welding Inspector(EWI/IWI)
      • Certified NDT Operators to ISO 9712 - VT, PT, MT and UT methods

    Feel free to get in touch about our company, products or services, we’ll be happy to help.